Our Team

  • Khalid Alansari

    Pilot Captain

    The "Spirit of the Emirates" project is the result of its founder, UAE national Pilot Captain Khalid Ahmed Al Ansari’s entrepreneurial passion and inspiring vision to bring an innovative airship enterprise to the UAE. Mr. Al Ansari’s aviation career as a pilot has seen him acquire over 3,500 hours of flying worldwide, carry out aviation administrative specialties, and participate in numerous aviation safety conferences. At the same time, he accomplished his advanced studies to acquire his masters degree. For a number of years, he has extensively researched, and fuelled his enthusiasm for airships in Europe and the US, paving the way for the realisation of "Spirit of the Emirates". Mr. Al Ansari has been chosen to be the official commentator of many air shows and aviation activities in the UAE and abroad – specifically at the annual Dubai Air Show since 2005 to the present.


نموذج مشرف من نماذج التميز في دولتي الحبيبة..


Well done & good Luck !


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