An aerial adventure of a lifetime

The adventure begins at the state-of-the-art “Spirit of the Emirates” terminal where guests will be given a warm VIP welcome and can enjoy luxury hospitality in our lounges and international restaurants, before being briefed on flying procedures prior to take-off. The terminal itself is a creation of Dubai based architects, Whitespace, whose mantra is in designing ‘pragmatic utopian architecture’, to which the terminal lives up to by exuding innovation and vitality with bright, contemporary spaces, and thoughtful architectural details throughout.

Prior to boarding, our guests are briefed on flying procedures, and receive an Augmented Reality handset to highlight the city’s iconic landmarks and places of interest during their journey.

Take-off and flight on the “Spirit of the Emirates” is unlike any other flying experience. As the airship makes its silent ascent to 1,500 feet, the feeling of calmness and serenity of floating in clear skies comes to the fore. Flying at this low altitude, the landscape below becomes a living museum, with every detail appreciated from a whole new perspective.

One more thrill is in store on the “Spirit of the Emirates” adventure, during the flight passengers are able to reach out through an open window to take snapshots of their experience – and physically touch the clouds!

Beyond aerial tourism

“Spirit of the Emirates” goes beyond offering discerning guests a once in a lifetime aerial adventure in the UAE alone, becoming an iconic attraction and mode of transport in skies above any of the world’s cities and areas of natural beauty is conceivable. Quiet, and with minimal environmental impact, airships have the potential to fly anywhere, awakening the enthusiasm for this unique mode of air travel, and promoting both innovation and community engagement on a global scale.

There is also compelling commercial potential for organisations -“Spirit of the Emirates” can help companies and enterprises realise new and innovative market engagement routes through leasing and commissioning of airships. Already an icon, the Zeppelin airship commands attention and can represent the ideal opportunity for forward-thinking brands and organisations raise their visibility and engage with audiences on a whole new level.



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