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Spirit of the Emirates

Airships have graced our skies for over a century, and represent mans’ first successful foray into the era of commercial powered aircraft. These silent and majestic giants were the transport of choice for the elite making the intrepid intercontinental journey between Europe and America, drawing in crowds to welcome their arrival with awe and excitement.

“Spirit of the Emirates” bold vision and pioneering energy is driving innovation by bringing the airship, with its versatility and eco-friendly credentials into the 21st century.

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I suggest that you might like to correct your airship history page to show that the first successful airship flight was in 1784, not 1884 – 120 years, not 20 years, before the Wright brothers . . . Our industry has been around for longer than you may have thought.

Gregory Gottlieb

So jealous.!!!! Not fair what about British Airship Airlander lol.


ما شاء الله عالإبداع إلى الأمام دوما وبانتظار الطائره

عايشه القايدي

Great idea from Emirati captain..
Proud of it, and can’t wait to be the first passenger


A beautiful project, I wish you all the best.

AbdulNaser Ahmed

Thanks, Its a great idea.

Basem Torky

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