To fly; air ships depend on physical natural power that lifts the gases which are lighter than the gases that surround us, therefore, the hydrogen gas has been previously used before 100 years while the helium gas is been currently used, which is a nontoxic and inflammable gas and is much lighter than the gases that surround us whereas; great amount of the said gas is usually be stored inside several tanks at the top part of the ship, which shall cause the said ship to ascend.

The first inventors of the said air ships have used lateral engines to direct the plane in the desired directions, which is on contrary to the flying method of the thermal balloon. The said engines direct the air ships towards the desired directions, which distinct the air ships from balloons, which do not use engines but follow the routes and directions of the wind, thus, Air Ships should not be named as balloons.


Dear Khalid Alansari, Good afternoon.
I am Denis Denisov, the leader of the student startup AirRegatta.
I have been trying to contact you for a long time, but there was no answer.
One more try).
We have been waiting for EXPO2020 DUBAI to launch our project.
I suggest you to consider the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation.
I have a need to get approval of our project from the management of Dubai. Can you bring information about AirRegatta to Her Excellency Reem Ebrahim Al Hashimy and to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum? I think you can.
I am sure that after our action your idea of tourism will become absolutely real, and will start its commercial history immediately after the Exhibition.
For tourists, it is important that the flights take place at a high altitude, which is of no interest to advertisers (branding at such an altitude is not distinguishable), for us it is interesting to fly at a low altitude. Our interests do not overlap, but complement each other.
You know well the administrative system in Dubai and can help our project. For our investors, it is necessary.
We can even form a consortium with you. You help us promote a sporting event in Dubai for the Expo, and we will promote your company. I think our partnership has good prospects.
I really hope for your help.

Regards, good health.

Denis Denisov
(Student at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation)

Denis denisov



Best of luck..’ can’t wait to be first passenger!!

Asma Ansari


I am arabic speaker
Flew 7 years for emirates, total of14 years flying experience as cabin crew. I am a passionate and i am still in dubai and still flying! I d love to be part of the project as i have many more to share …

Sonia manoune

Hi ,iam enquiring about a cabin crew position , i resigned from emirates airline 7 years ago after flying for 7 years . Kindly send me more information regarding any Requirments needed .

Kind regards
Parnian gohari

Parnian gohari

Good Afternoon,
I’m enquiring about a Cabin Crew position within your new venture. I resigned from Emirates 6 years ago after completing 10years, the last 3 years spent in First Class on the new A380 when it arrived.
Kindly send me more information regarding any employment positions available and any requirements needed.
Yours Faithfully
Lindsey Mc Nally

Lindsey McNally

Good afternoon,
I’m fascinated by the project as I am in love with Aviation. I have worked for 4 years as Cabin Crew for Emirates (I left the company in April 2017). I live in Dubai and I would be interested to join the project if there are any vacancies.

Joanna Tyszkiewicz

Hello Tomorrow !
So I want to be good to myself,keep discovering and in the spirit of and Love for Emirates cannot wait to hear from you ! ❤️

Afsheen Saeed

Dear Spirit of the Emirates team,

I have just discovered your amazing adventure and would like to be part of it!
If you need an experienced flight attendant working ten years in Dubai as Emirates crew and as the private senior flight attendant of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rachid on board of the prestigious Dubai Air Wing .
I would honored to be part of your exciting project in the skies of the Emirates!
Best regards, and best of luck!
Mrs Meriem Ouzani

Meriem Ouzani

So jealous.!!!! Not fair what about British Airship Airlander lol.


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